Waking Up by Trina Hall

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Trina Hall has been attending Calvary Baptist Church since 2012 and resides in Grand Prairie, TX with her husband. Trina can often be found helping out local missions organizations and advocating for miscarriage and infant loss awareness in the Grand Prairie area. 

Waking Up

On July 27, 2007 I faced a tragedy that not only changed my life, but also many others lives;  like a ripple in a pond. My daughter and my grandson were in a major car accident on a country highway. My grandson was killed and my daughter was severely injured, suffering eight broken bones and undergoing nine surgeries.  Ultimately she lost both of her legs and spent three weeks in a coma.  That moment in time shocked me to my core and grief filled my life. When my daughter finally woke up, I was there to tell her that her son was gone.  Instead of crying or screaming like I expected, she was reserved.  I asked if she heard me and her reply was, “Yes I know Dale is gone.”  I asked her how she knew and she told us she had seen Dale with Jesus.

I was completely shocked. Until then, I had spent my time seeking God in the wrong direction. I had a nature-based belief system, but in that moment my whole life changed.   God brought my family, and me, to the realization that there was heaven and God was in charge!   I felt like I had woken up.  God has a plan, and even though we may not know it, we have to seek Him for guidance daily.  We cannot control our lives the way we think we can; we need His path, His word, and to seek His face.

My husband and I re-dedicated our lives back to God.  I asked God to remove this pain and replace it with something that would bring glory to Him.  In the weeks that followed, I prayed hard seeking what God wanted me to do. Then one day I knew. I asked my husband for a sewing machine. He thought I was crazy since I have never sewn before, but he bought it for me anyway.  I had no idea how to work it but God gave me a gift to sit and learn that machine so I could use it for His work.  I felt like God wanted me to start making children’s clothes and send them to missionaries across the world.  I started making clothes for children in Papua New Guinea and Haiti.  The smile of those children and love that God was sharing was the gift that God has given me.

From there I also started making angel gowns and blankets for those that have lost tiny babies. I donate them to the hospitals each year.  God has also given to me a gift to make jewelry help the missionaries with things they need.  Along with a portion of the proceeds, I send medical items, baby bottles and clothing, as well as formula to regions of the jungle where mothers are too ill to care for their children or have died in childbirth.

I thank God for changing my life to help others and share His love to those who needs him in their lives.  God wants all of us to be the ones to share His word and His love to everyone in this world. All Glory goes to God for giving me the gifts he has given to share His love.  The motto in my heart is verse Matthew 25:40 which says “And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ ”

Our mission is simple: Become whole-hearted followers of Jesus Christ. The people of Calvary Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, TX seek to fulfill our mission by accomplishing these four actions: See God - To experience God in fresh ways every week. Share Life - To enjoy biblical community with our church family. Serve Others - To manifest God’s love in tangible acts of service. Stay Connected - To remain in supporting fellowship during the pains of life.