Warrior. Poet. King. Pt. 2 David and Saul

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Warrior. Poet. King
Pt. 2 David and Saul
1        Samuel 24:1-22

We’ve started going through the story of David. We’re giving his story a few articles, because there is so much for us gain from it. We’re specifically reading through the stories of his relationships. Last week was the story of David and Goliath. As you read, be sure to remember who is who. David represents God, Goliath represents the overwhelming sin in our lives, and the scared, helpless soldiers represent us.

Do you remember how David’s story begins with him being anointed as the new king-to-be? Keep this in mind as we go through the timeline of what happened next. David had killed Goliath. So Saul brings David to live in his palace. He loves David, and accepts him as part of his family and gives him responsibilities in the military. But something starts happening. David is extremely successful and Saul promotes him to the status of general; both a social and political status of honor. And he starts winning the hearts of the Israelites. The people start cheering for David and Saul notices those cheers are getting louder than his cheers. (I Samuel 18:6-9)

On top of this growing jealousy, Saul had this nagging memory about how David was prophesied and anointed to be the next king, and this started driving him crazy. It escalated to the point where Saul became unwilling to let the throne be passed on to David. He was denying David his rightful place on the throne! And this was the beginning of a dramatic saga of betrayal, assassinations, and corruption. Saul’s jealousy, anger, and self-righteousness flared up so violently that in the very next verses he attempted to kill David. (I Samuel 18:10-11)

This actually happened twice! And David eventually took a hint and went on the run.

There were soldiers in David’s authority that were still loyal to him. So several hundred soldiers flee out of the country with David also. And Saul pursued them! At this point, Saul is on a rampage. He’s killing everyone who stands in his way; entire cities including, priests, women, and children! The dude is nuts!

Eventually, David and his men find themselves living in caves. When Saul heard about it he started scouring the hillsides looking in all of the caves. At one point, nature calls and Saul has to use the restroom. And so, while on a break from hunting for David, he goes into a cave to relieve himself. Lo and behold, it was the very cave that David and his men were hiding in! (Talk about embarrassing.) Saul does his business, completely unaware that dozens of men were hiding behind him. (1 Samuel 24:1-4)

During this awkward moment, a few of David’s soldiers get the idea, “Let’s take this guy out! We’ll never get a chance like this again!” But David says no, and actually chooses to spare Saul’s life. Instead, he gives him grace and mercy. (1 Samuel 24:5-7) Let me give a quick definition of these two words.“Mercy= not getting what you deserve” “Grace= getting what you didn’t deserve”.

Here’s the point: I am Saul. I am self-righteous, arrogant, angry, and insecure. In my self-righteousness, I have attempted to deny Jesus His rightful place on the throne. And if you were to be honest, I think you would say the same thing. But Jesus, our David, spared our lives and has returned grace to our violence.

In the movie Hacksaw Ridge, Desmond Doss is a conscientious objector, meaning he was against the war. Nevertheless, he feels compelled to join the army as a medic. His reason as he said was, “With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it don't seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together.” He joined with the promise that he wouldn’t have to touch a gun or be combat trained. The problem was, his commanding officers and fellow soldiers didn’t like that. If he wouldn’t fight there, then he wouldn’t fight on the battle field, and wouldn’t be able to save them. So they took every opportunity to force him to fight. At one point they even jumped him while he was asleep and beat him. Still, he continued his training in every other area. The entire climax of the movie tells the story of how Desmond went to battle with his battalion, and acted heroically in spite of being called Doss the Coward. By the end of the night, he had saved 75 wounded soldiers, without firing a single shot.

Desmond Doss illustrates Jesus giving grace to those who have been unkind, cruel, and even violent to Him. And it’s the same thing we are commanded to do in Matthew 5:43-44

What are we to do then? Because of the Gospel of God’s grace on us, who have been cruel and unkind to God, we are to extend that grace to others. Not so we can be like David, but so we can be like Christ. Did you know the Bible says in Romans 2:4 that it is God’s goodness that leads to repentance? It’s not God’s wrath that causes people to turn to Him. It’s not His justice, wisdom, or sovereignty. It’s His goodness.

That’s what happened with David and Saul. After Saul left the cave, David followed him out and said, “Saul, look here. I had your life in my hands. I could have killed you, but I spared you. Just to prove it, here is a piece of your robe that I cut off. I will not kill you.”

And here is Saul’s response to David’s grace. I Samuel 24:16-22 As soon as David had finished speaking these words to Saul, Saul said, “Is this your voice, my son David?” And Saul lifted up his voice and wept. 17 He said to David, “You are more righteous than I, for you have repaid me good, whereas I have repaid you evil. 18 And you have declared this day how you have dealt well with me, in that you did not kill me when the Lord put me into your hands. 19 For if a man finds his enemy, will he let him go away safe? So may the Lord reward you with good for what you have done to me this day. 20 And now, behold, I know that you shall surely be king, and that the kingdom of Israel shall be established in your hand. 21 Swear to me therefore by the Lord that you will not cut off my offspring after me, and that you will not destroy my name out of my father's house.” 22 And David swore this to Saul. Then Saul went home, but David and his men went up to the stronghold.

David’s goodness brought Saul to repentance. When we’ve been treated with evil, we are to return grace, because we are like Saul, and God has given us grace. And just as God’s goodness has shown us His beauty, mercy, and grace, we too can share that with those who’ve hurt betrayed us. Who knows, it just might bring about their repentance as it brought about yours.

Ladies Ministry Banquet & FAQ's

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The Ladies Ministry of Calvary Baptist Church is proud to present, "Stronger for It", a banquet filled with stories of God's faithfulness and goodness.  Come be encouraged and empowered by our speakers, Debbie Stone and her daughters Stephanie Grounds, Jessica Baker, and Christa Isham, as they share stories of their trials and God's triumphs. 

Isaiah 41:10 (ESV)
Fear not, for I am with you;
be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Tickets are required and admission covers the cost of lunch catered by Olive Garden. Call Dwana McGowen at the church office (972-262-5656) TODAY to get your tickets! 

"Please join my three daughters and I to see what God has been up to since we spoke nearly five years ago!! Time flies. Stories change. We would LOVE to see you there! Come join us as we PRAISE THE LORD for all He has done!" - Debbie Stone
"Come join my sweet Momma, sisters, and I as we tell the rest of our stories.  Praising the Lord for all He has done!" - Stephanie Stone Grounds
"This is going to be such an amazing afternoon! Ladies getting together talking about GRACE & GOODNESS. Tickets are on sale now! Hope to see you there!" - Christa Isham
"Don't miss out on the immense blessing!  Come be touched by the faith and stories of real people who have had real struggles and the Lord blessed them." - Karen Snead


How much is the event?  
Tickets are $15 and cover the cost of a catered lunch from Olive Garden.  Tickets are only available through April 22, 2018 and can be purchased Sunday morning in the Welcome Center or over the phone by calling Dwana McGowen in the church office at 972-262-5656. 

Please note: Tickets cannot be purchased through the church website for this event.

What are the event details?  
The Stronger For It - Ladies Banquet 2018 is being hosted by Calvary Baptist Church on Saturday, May 5 at 12:30 PM to approximately 3:30 PM at Calvary Baptist Church, 401 W. Church St., Grand Prairie, Texas 75050.  Click here to see our Facebook event online for our most recent updates!

Who are the speakers?
Debbie Stone and her three daughters, Stephanie Grounds, Jessica Baker, and Christa Isham, have spoken at several special events around Texas about all the things God has done and is doing in their lives. 

If you would like to see the ladies testimonies from five years ago, click here to watch the 2013 Mother's Day Service at Calvary Baptist Church.

Why "Stronger For It"? 
The theme is inspired by a song called “Stronger for It” and parallels Calvary's theme for 2018 – More Jesus, More Faith. 

What is the Ladies Ministry?
The ladies ministry of Calvary Baptist Church encourages women of all ages to love the Lord through biblical truths and teaching as well as loving each other by getting involved and fellow-shipping together.

Recommended Resource: Seasons

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I love to recommend great sources for our church family to use.  In a world where we can literally research anything in seconds, knowing how to decipher between good and harmful sources is important. That’s why I like to point you towards books, articles, music, and other resources that I find valuable and centered on truth.

Today, I want to share a resource from the Village Church called Seasons. It is a document that explains the Church Calendar. We are most familiar with two seasons of the Church Calendar, Christmas and Easter, but it is much more than that.  The Village describes the church calendar in way that it “seeks to redeem our time and space through the seasons of Advent, Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentecost. Through readings, prayers, songs, fasts and other practices, these seasons reorient our hearts and minds toward the Christian story.” This resource thoughtfully explains each of these seasons and includes excellent devotional content such as Scripture readings and songs that you can engage with personally and with your family.

My hope is that while we may be new to the idea of the church calendar, it can be a way in which we remember and are pointed to the one true story of the Bible.

You can access the Seasons booklet here:  https://www.tvcresources.net/resource-library/guides/seasons-book

© 2017 The Village Church All rights reserved.

Evidence Is Available

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Easter Sunday Brian talked about how evidence is available for all those who seek after Christ. He used the story of Thomas who questioned the news of Jesus being alive after His crucifixion. Take a look back at "Evidence Is Available", Brian Loveless' sermon on April 1, 2018 at Calvary Baptist Church, Grand Prairie, Texas.