Promises by Sherry Cash

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Sherry Cash has been attending Calvary Baptist Church for 60, almost 70, years and resides in Grand Prairie, TX with her husband Woody. Woody is Assistant to the President at Arlington Baptist University and is on campus nearly every morning.  Sherry attends chapel with him regularly.  Sherry also helps Woody teach the Encouragers Sunday School class, sings in the church choir, and hosts a prayer meeting Wednesday evenings at 6 pm.  In her spare time, Sherry enjoys reading and spending time with her family.  


In my bible seminary days, I began collecting God’s promises from the Bible.  In fact, I have scraps of paper all over the place with His promises written down.  One day years ago, I ran across a worn out, little brown book from the 1600’s by Samuel Clarke called Precious Bible Promises.  It was so uplifting and I began scribbling down promises from that book as well.  Eventually, my well-loved book fell apart (until years later I was able to find a copy of it in the Internet).  When I did, I came to learn that a promise from God means more to me if I find it in God’s word. In my daily devotions, if there is a promise there, it will always mean more to me than getting one out of that little brown book ever did. 

When I retired from being Girls' Dorm Parent at Arlington Baptist University after 18 years Woody and I kept busy with our Sunday School Class.  Especially after I had my heart attack I needed something to do while I’m here at home, so I asked the Lord specifically to give me another ministry.  About five years ago, the Lord said why don’t you share My promises you have been collecting.  He impressed on me to send out promises via texting.  I had never really sent or received texts, but I began small; sending promises out to my children and grandchildren.  Eventually, other people would tell me they wanted to receive the texts as well so my little list started to grow.  I now send out about 40 promise texts very day.

If you would like me to put you on my promise list, please contact me or send your information to Calvary Baptist Church via the contact form and tell them you would like to be added to Sherry’s Promises Texts.

Our mission is simple: Become whole-hearted followers of Jesus Christ. The people of Calvary Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, TX seek to fulfill our mission by accomplishing these four actions: See God - To experience God in fresh ways every week. Share Life - To enjoy biblical community with our church family. Serve Others - To manifest God’s love in tangible acts of service. Stay Connected - To remain in supporting fellowship during the pains of life.